2024 North American Water Rescue Conference by IAWRP


IAWRP is excited to announce the details of the 2024 North American Water Rescue Conference dedicated to all disciplines of surface water rescue.

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s conference:

– Post-Conference Training led by leading training organizations

– There will be three tracks that will run in parallel from 6/17-19/2024

*Technician Track (registration is limited to 80 participants)

This track is designed for the water rescue technician who has at least 2-5 years as a water rescue technician and who is certified as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician. This track is hands-on and utilizes best practices in the swiftwater environment. Attendees should be in good physical condition and be prepared to operate in the class III water environment.

*Squad Leader Track (registration is limited to 30 participants)

This track will guide and prepare the water rescuer on what it takes to become a leader amongst your team. This course will focus on the traits, actions, and skillsets needed to develop into and thrive as a leader in the water rescue team environment. Whether it’s a Squad Leader position on a USAR activation or as a Team Leader in your agency’s own response, we will cover the ins-and-outs of what it takes to lead in this discipline utilizing real life situations as well as leadership lessons learned.

The Team Leader track covers the knowledge and training objective set by many of the top USAR team.  This course is commonly used for the Squad Leader position.

A focus is placed on best practices and strategies to assist with tactical command and control of field operations; whether it’s a small agency water rescue unit or part of a large-scale operation.

This track is Classroom based.

*Program Management Track (registration is limited to 30 participants)

This track will focus on the unique skills and tasks associated with Swiftwater program management. This classroom based track will address issues such as training, reimbursement, documentation, logistical considerations, as well as others. Attendees to this track should be upper level management personnel.