FEMA Technical Search Specialist

  • Florida State Fire College in Ocala, Florida


As part of the 2024 Pre-conference courses, we will be offering the FEMA Technical Search specilist – ILT course.

The Instructor-Led Training (ILT) component of the Technical Search Specialist course is tailored to provide Urban Search and Rescue Task Force personnel with the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential for executing technical search functions during both disaster responses and planned events. 

You will learn the essential requirements necessary to perform all physical, visual, and technical search functions. Upon completion of the ILT component, participants will be able to successfully perform the position of Technical Search Specialist on a US&R team.

This course is 28 hours of face-to-face training. Prior to attending this face-to-face training course, students must
successfully complete the Computer-Based Training (CBT) Technical Search Specialist course (Course Code: 9P1230) that is approximately 16 hours.

 This course adheres to all of the requirements set forth by the FEMA US&R Program Office.

Learning Objectives:

This course requires the prior completion of TEEX Course 9P1230 Computer-Based Training (CBT) component of Technical Search Specialist.

Members of FEMA US&R Task Forces should complete the exact same CBT course (Course Code:  9P1230) at www.esf9training.org which is a Learning Management System created by TEEX for the FEMA National US&R Response System designed for task forces to automatically track all of their training certificates, qualifications, expiration, and personnel ability to deploy.

Participants must bring their certificate of completion on the first day of class. Participants that have not completed the CBT portion will be removed from the class.

Learning Objectives:

  • Module 1 – Listening Search Equipment
  • Module 2 – Visual Devices Search Equipment
  • Module 3 – Navigating in a Disaster Scene using a Map, Compass, and GPS
  • Module 4 – Field Exercise

Target Audience:

  • Search and Rescue Personnel
  • State Urban Search and Rescue (SUSAR) members
  • US&R Task Force Members
  • Structural Collapse Response Personnel
  • Fire Department Members
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Law Enforcement (LE)
  • Industrial Firefighters (IND)
  • Army and Air National Guard (ANG)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civilian Support Teams (WMD-CST)
  • CBRNE Enhanced Response Force Packages (CERFP) Teams
  • Homeland Response Forces (HRF)
  • County/State/Federal First Responders
  • Public Health and Health Care Workers
  • MSOC




28 hours of face-to-face training


November 8 – 10, 2024


Florida State Fire College


11655 NW Gainesville Rd, Ocala, FL 34482
Phone (352) 369 2800




(352) 369-2800


Orlando International Airport (MCO) 


Additional instructors and evaluators TBA and will be added based on student enrollment

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Nov 8 to 10, 2024



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