US&R Medical Team Specialist – Instructor Lead Training

  • Florida State Fire College in Ocala, Florida
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US&R Medical Team Specialist – Instructor Lead Training

Description: ​

The Instructor-Led Training (ILT) component of the Medical Team Specialist course is designed to provide Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) Task Force personnel with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform medical functions for a US&R team during a disaster or planned event. Participants will learn to navigate the operational aspects and organizational issues that affect their ability to practice medicine. Upon completion of the ILT component, participants will be able to successfully perform the position of Medical Team Specialist or Medical Team Manager on a US&R team. This course is 46 hours of face-to-face training.  

Target Audience:

Federal, State and Local First Responders, Military, and Hospital Personnel.

  • Search and Rescue Personnel
  • State Urban Search and Rescue Personnel
  • Structural Collapse Response Personnel
  • Fire Department Responders
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Emergency Medical Services Personnel
  • County/State/Federal Responders
  • National Guard and DoD Personnel
  • Public Health and Health Care Workers


This course requires the prior completion of TEEX Course 9P3130 Computer-Based Training (CBT) component of Medical Team Specialist.

Members of FEMA US&R Task Forces should complete the exact same CBT course (Course Code:  9P3130) at

Participants must bring their certificate of completion on the first day of class. Participants that have not completed the CBT portion will be removed from the class.

Course Topics:

  • Public Health and Environmental Issues
  • Injuries Specific to Entrapments and Structural Collapse Environments
  • Canine Care
  • Crush Syndrome, Confined Space Medicine, Field Amputations and Controversial Interventions
  • Confined Space Maneuvers, Immobilization, and Extrication Techniques
  • Patient Triage, Evaluation, and Treatment of Partially Accessible Patient
  • Patient Care, Monitoring, and Packaging Applications
  • Improvised Explosive Device and Blast Injuries
  • Practical Advanced Medical Skill Field Exercises in a “Real Rubble” Collapse Environment
  • CBRNE/WMD Medications
  • Search Canine Veterinary Care
  • Search Locate Assess Monitor “SLAM”
  • Wound care and irrigation


Florida State Fire College

11655 NW Gainesville Rd, Ocala, FL 34482, United States


November 6 – 9, 2024 (Class ends late night November 9, 2024)

Recommended Travel Dates:

November 5 and November 10, 2024

Official MTS ILT Course Registration Page Link