TRT Medical Operations Team


The Disaster Medical Operations Program was developed after years of field experience demonstrating the potential need for Special TRT Operators to perform patient assessment and life saving treatment prior to and during extrication of entrapped victims.

This course provides TRT members with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to perform limited medical assessment and provide care to other team members or victims during the operations phase of a natural disaster, industrial accident, or terrorism event. The program is designed to educate special unit TRT operators to the unique medical considerations found in a structural collapse, entrapment, entanglement, or contaminated environment(s) along with other austere environment issues.

Target Audience:

  • All emergency responders from Local, State, Regional, or Federal and International Governments, Industrial Agencies and Military Search & Extraction (CBIRF/CERFP/HRF) 
  • Members tasked with performing rescue or medical duties at a natural disaster, industrial accident, act of terrorism, or other All-Hazards incidents are encouraged to attend. 
  • Those interested in delivering good medicine in bad places!
  • All instructors are active federal or state US&R TF/TRT members who have multiple team deployment field experience throughout the US and abroad.


  • All students must have valid First Responder (Rescue), EMT, Medical Licenses, or Military Specialty
  • Due to the strenuous nature of activities, participants should secure a professional evaluation of their physical condition prior to participating in this course.

Course Topics:

  • Injuries Specific to Entrapment and Structural Collapse
  • Crush Syndrome and Confined Space Medicine
  • Improvised Explosive Device and Blast Injuries
  • Confined Space Maneuvers, Immobilization, and Extrication Techniques
  • Patient Care, Monitoring, and Packaging Applications
  • Case Presentations: Controversial Interventions and Amputations
  • Practical Field Exercise in an Austere Collapse Environment
  • Search, Locate, Asses, and Monitor (SLAM) Search Cam


Bureau of Fire Standards and Training FCDICE Course #ATPC13376 State of
Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training Provider #14442

NFPA Standards1670 & 1006